Kaster's Kustom Cutting
About Us
A little about us.

              We started out with a portable bandsaw mill over 25 years ago cutting logs into lumber for close neighbors and there families and friends. We now produce a wide range of wood products including large beams, siding, flooring, large slabs, recycled lumber and many other products. We produce these products using our experience and knowledge of wood products and with use of our assortment of equipment and machinery. We operate two bandsaw mills, a Lucas chainsaw mill, for cutting large slabs, a twin blade edger, a beam planer, and drying kilns. Our bandsaw mills can handle up to 24 inches wide with a length of up to 32 feet. Our slab mill can handle logs up to 6 feet wide and 20 feet long. We also have a variety of equipment for loading/unloading and easy moving of products. We also offer kiln drying on site,  and can have products planed, sanded and molded, and arrange delivery for products if needed.  

Receiving Hours: 8:30-3:30, Mon-Fri. Call for Appt. outside business hours